Software Engineering


Ten years of working alongside other engineers has provided Horan with the knowledge and perspective to exceed client expectations. Her discipline and drive from starting her own business allows her to push through difficult problems and provide functional and creative solutions. I am excited to combine my passion for coding, insight and great attitude to build robust, beautiful and maintainable applications.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, SASS, Express, Node, Node JS,  Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails, JSX, Material UI, MongoDB, Git, Github, SQL, Salesforce, The Trade Desk, Apnexes, Yahoo RMX, Tube Mogul, comScore, Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Outlook, DFA, DFP, multiple reporting systems



JetSetWay is a personal travel blog. It allows people to see all the Destinations, Hotels and Restaurants that Barry and Allyn have visited. There are also categories for Poker related blogs, Famous people they have met along the way and Jewish sites around the world. There is the ability to filter and search through the hotels and restaurants as well as view them on a map. There is also a Mailchimp integration. Viewers can subscribe and get emails to stay updated along the way.

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FreeStyleWrap LV

FreeStyleWrap is an informational site that showcases a Gift Wrappers work! You can learn about the Wrapper, read about the various services, vier her portfolio and contact her.

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Crush HIIT

Crush HIIT allows users learn about different HIIT moves and also generates custom workouts based on user preferences. This was built using React, Ruby on Rails, Material UI and a custom database. There are five different custom workouts to choose from and over 50 different HIIT style moves in the library.

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